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[ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.1]Tesla N - 7.1.1_r6 [OMS] [28/12]

Tesla N for Nexus 5[/glow]
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Coming from another rom/clean install:
- Reboot to recovery
- Wipe system, cache, dalvik/art cache, data
- Flash rom zip and gapps
- Reboot

Updating from a previous Tesla build/dirty flash:
- Wipe system, cache, dalvik/art cache in recovery
- Flash rom zip, gapps and any other zips you may use
- Reboot

If you want root access, SuperSU (systemless) will need to be flashed, v2.78 works for me. After flashing, your device may boot twice before boot animation, don't worry it'll be fine after that.

Substratum support is there as long as you have root and latest Substratum app. Some themes may have a little catching up to do, have fun testing them!

If you have any issues, grab a log after a clean flash, upload and link here please. Add steps to reproduce the issue in your post.
Do not report issues dirty flashing this over some unofficial build or with some kernel flashed.
Logcat Extreme app is great as you can choose to start recording a log just before reproducing an error and stop recording just after so you log just the part you need.

Xposed is not supported here, if you want to run it and have issues, try an Xposed thread for support and bug reports here only welcome with a clean install with no Xposed present.

Banks Gapps
Open Gapps 7.0 arm needed ;)

Download ROM
--> AFH

Source Code:
Device tree
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[ROM][OFFICIAL][7.0.0]Tesla N - 7.0.0_14 [OMS] [8/11]

Mine is running real good as well. The only problem I've encountered so far is not being able to open Developer options. Settings crash every time I do and then I lose access to my internal storage, thus I'm not able to save any logs or take any screenshots from Logcat Extreme. I'm running Tesla on secondary and I believe that has something to do with it. No custom kernel and clean flash with Open Gapps pico.

But otherwise I'm really loving this rom. Nice built-in dark theme 8-) . Runs real smooth and fast. Keep up the great work!!!
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[ROM][OFFICIAL][7.0.0]Tesla N - 7.0.0_14 [OMS] [8/11]

morfances wrote:For me option developer work fine

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My guess is you're probably not running multirom or if you are you have Tesla on primary?? I know a couple other Nugget rom developers initially had this problem as well with their roms running on secondary before fixing them. Not a big deal as I don't think its stated anywhere that Tesla is multirom supported.
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