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[KERNEL] SKZ Custom Kernel for Evervolv 7.1.x [1890KHz CPU/320MHz GPU]

Has anyone else tried the 3cToolbox app instead of kernel adiutor? It controls some things automatically and you cant seem to change the io scheduler but it seems like it does a good job of running things. i have tweaked voltages and use smartmax and it has the ability to adjust the priority of different programs in the task manager. I have had a pretty good experience with it. it cost a few bucks for the pro version but i think that it is worth it. I still get the occasional system ui crash but other than that i have a pretty functional touchpad, that i trust to use daily. Even chrome works pretty well. I am also only using shumash's 9/05 kernel i tried the newer ones but came back to this one. I also tried the hptp cpu voltage app and bumped it up once and it seemed to help with loading videos, but now it wont open at all, just keeps stopping, so not sure what i am at now and all is still running well. Before you give up on this version of evervolv, i would give it a try. Just my .02

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