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[ROM] [OMS] Jmz AOSP 7.1.1_r4

First and foremost. Your own risk, blah blah blah

There is nothing special about this rom. 99% of it is "kanged" (borrowed, cherry-picked, whatever you want to call it) from mostly DU. I wanted a stock experience with a few tweaks. Don't expect anything from this ROM. I will update it as I need, and won't be adding tons of features. I am going for simplicity. If there are issues then I will look into those. But don't expect anything

Stock-like with GApps already cooked in
OMS (substratum)
LED Notifications
Advanced Reboot
And thats about it.

This is the only device supported as of right now because its the only nexus device I have. I will not be blind building or bringing in CAF devices.


None, its stock. Google stock Nexus Nougat for pictures :lol:



@Mazda and @NYCHitman1 first because they helped through some stupid issues I encountered
@bigrushdog for pointing out the issue with the LEDs
@nicholaschum for Substratum
DU crew for the repos and commits I used.

Re: [ROM] [OMS] Jmz AOSP 7.0.0_r21

Yo, the notification light in your rom is it like this:

Edit: this option is build into the rom. Man I love stock the only thing I mis was notification light, you make it!!! Love your rom man!!

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