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RE: AOSIP Unified Builds for OnePlus 3 & 3T

xEvoRayJiN wrote:
Encrypter17 wrote:Im currently on OB 11 and F2FS filesystem. i flashed twrp .28 and when i try to wipe cache,system and data i get following error.

failed to decrypt data
unable to decrypt with default may need to perform a format data.
updating partition details
unable to mount storage
Full SELinux support is present
failed to wipe dalvik
updating partition details
unable to mount storage

Can someone help me with this error.
From fastboot use "fastboot format userdata" and try

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Thanks.It worked. Flashed aosip successfully. But in Storage, system is taking 20 gb of data. Any idea?

EDIT: formatting data from twrp fixed it :)

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