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[RC] Dirty Unicorns 12 -- Shamu

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Full wipe is always recommended

** Check gerrit for details of open and merged commits ( everything included except -1, -2, X or XX commits ) **

check below for device/kernel as undergoing a rebase :

Device : ... ommits/o8x
Kernel: ... ommits/o8x
Vendor: ... ommits/o8x

Rom download : ...

[RC] Dirty Unicorns 12 -- Shamu

I clean installed RC v12-20180225. I'm getting periodic reboots and poor battery life half the time. Today, Bluetooth is showing 43% battery usage after 7.5 hrs off the charger.
I use Bluetooth for connecting to my car on my 30min drive to work...that's it. Previous versions did not drain like this.
Yesterday I didn't see this kind of was actually pretty good.

I'm not a dev, so is there anything easily accessible way I can use to help diagnose this?

[RC] Dirty Unicorns 12 -- Shamu

can anyone help? my Nexus 6 battery sucks and the phone shuts down at around 35 to 40 percent. the issue is when I try to turn it on it just gets stuck on the android boot screen and stays there, only fix is to restore a nandroid, not even a dirty flash works. any ideas what is happening? thanks
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