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[NIGHTLIES] Evervolv 7.1

Anyone else keeping up to date with the nightlies on this, with 4g? curious how well it's working for you. I'm experiencing what seems to be the standard set of problems on the WiFi unit
(hard lags, mic seriously unstable, cam not working) .. but I haven't actually enabled data yet, don't have a sim card for it yet. Just curious if the data/gps are functional? I did attempt to pop into the cellular network settings to grab the device IMEI, but apparently it can't find it without a SIM card ? i thought devices had the IMEI built in, while the SIM had a different number .. but i'm probably wrong?

[NIGHTLIES] Evervolv 7.1

I just found a brand new sealed in the box 4G touchpad. I have been using a number of touchpads since 2011. I am currently using the latest 8/31 nightly builds on two standard touchpads. It took me 2 days to wake up the battery on the new 4g model. Heating it up with a heating pad while on the charger finally did the trick. I cleared out web OS and did a clean install of the 8/31 4G rom. I am a pilot and have the Avare navigation app installed and running. My question is how do I turn on the internal GPS with Evervolve? Any help would be appreciated. The Avare app works perfectly except for not seeing the GPS.
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