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Tesla N [7.0.0_r19] Beta

Update Tesla Shamu[/size]

- android 7.0.0_r19
- optional screenshot type
- disable/enable screenshot sound
- screenrecord
- screenrecord in power menu
- lockscreen visualizer
- lockscreen shortcut
- custom carrier label
- show weather in statusbar
- fix error message in recovery
- Tesla theme
- camera video fixed
Maybe I forgot a lot...........

Tesla Shamu 20161113

Tesla N [7.0.0_r19] Beta

On a clean flash. ROM, gapps, theme-ready gapps and superSu sr3
Getting a full reboot every time I try to view a picture using gallery app, or any app that uses gallery app. For example, tried to send a picture using Hangouts; when I pressed the "attach photo" button, the photos normally pop up from the bottom of the screen...after a few seconds the device rebooted. I tried it a few times, and it seems to be the gallery app.
I cleared app data and granted all permissions, no change.

Edit: The Hangouts thing seems to have worked itself out, but I still can't select a photo to view without a reboot.

Re: RE: Tesla N [7.0.0_r19] Beta

Char_G wrote:Yeah, afh is having mirror issues. Here's a drive link if anyone needs it. Be aware that the stock gallery Is causing reboots. Google photos seems to be fine as well as an old quick pic I've had stashed away so use another gallery if you flash this build. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5MO5h ... p=drivesdk
As usual, you save the day again. Thank you.

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