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Kindle Fire HD (3rd generation) SOHO [NIGHTLIES]

For those that don't know what Evervolv is, Evervolv is an AOSP (Android Open Source Project) rom aimed at Snapdragon powered devices. We're fully open sourced and encourage it with no restrictions. The work put into this rom is community driven and and Evervolv Project is made up of numerous members and contributors.
If you would like to contribute to Evervolv, please visit our Gerrit Code Review.

  • Extended PowerMenu
  • Battery %,
  • Volume button music control.
  • Trackball Wake (Available on devices with a trackball/pad)
  • OMS7 support (Substratum)
  • ability to turn all customization off with one switch in the toolbox, giving you 100% aosp look and feel.
  • full complement of commandline tools (busybox, vim, ssh, curl/wet with ssl support!)
  • custom updater written from scratch by Preludedrew and Texasice, featuring automatic update checks,
    support for downloading gapps, and advanced automatic install (TWRP and CWM supported but TWRP preferred)
Bug Reporting:
Please provide the following info:
If the device was hard reboot, please provide the file "/proc/last_kmsg".
If the device was soft reboot or is "bootlooping", please run a logcat and provide the full output.
Please use EVPaste to post your logs.

Known Issues:
  • Graphic a little glitch y when rotating
  • Headphone jack doesn't work
  • You tell me

ev_soho-7.1.2-testing-2017.07.20.zip wifi restoring on reboot. I got the info restoring on reboot. Still need to work on speeding up the reconnect but let me know give it a few seconds and it should connect.

Evervolv Github
Branch: ng-7.1

Nightly changelogs are available on download page (EVUpdater too!)
or you can view them at the Evervolv Gerrit

If you wish to donate please do so here (Paypal)

Kindle Fire HD (3rd generation) SOHO

Hey flintman, nice to see your public post here.

You know me, I am the guy with the 8gb model with the bootloop until today - WOAH !

Your current initial release (also the build you send me from 04-11) runs well after a factory reset in TWRP.

But of course I had some issues for you:
1. There was a random reboot while playing "Micro Machines".
Here is the "/proc/last_kmsg": http://paste.evervolv.com/view/2c030b02
I hope you can see the log, I just get an "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE", but it seems to be uploaded correctly.

2. When refresh any tab of the EVUpdater I got:
Logcat: http://paste.evervolv.com/view/5e41caf6
Message: "Error! Error downloading manifest entries"

3. On every first start after initial flashing any of your builds I got a crash from the Gallery-App. Later not, just once.

4. It seems to be very important to flash the pico-gapps not direct after flashing the rom. It seems that we need to flash the rom, set it up basicly (WLAN, LANGUAGE) and then reboot into TWRP and flash the needed gapps, in my case pico. If not, I got allways a crash after the step where I choose my language.

5. Your mentioned graphical glitches are not coming only when rotating the display. The come alos when we change the current app or going back to the home screen.
Or see the image above...

6. The brightness setting seems to be useless on my device.
Lock here: http://paste.evervolv.com/view/27e32299

7. A factory reset within the os does not start.

Please see my 7 points not as bad-post. I just want to give you the most feedback I can.
You made good work and I love for bringing the first android 7 with evervolv to this shitty amazon-os device.

Greetings by HandCracker

Re: Kindle Fire HD (3rd generation) SOHO

HandCracker wrote:
flintman wrote:
Wed May 31, 2017 1:19 pm
New build out with working audio let me know how it goes.
Wow, really cool! Sound is working on my device. Great! This is the first rom for SOHO I know wich support sound and works stable.

I need to install ARM opengapps (http://opengapps.org/) after flash the rom, if not, the initial setup allways crashed after the language seletion.

Greetings by HandCracker
Cool still some work but getting there.

I'm surprised how responsive it is for such an old device.

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Kindle Fire HD (3rd generation) SOHO

Magisk manager.apk says device is rooted, but no root permission. Flashing Magisk v12.0.zip detects a system installed root, found the boot image at /dev/vlock/mmcblk0p8 but gives an error "Unable to unpack boot image" (also removes sytem root). So flashed the ROM again and installed supersu.apk which indicates root, but can't update the bianary, and simply doesn't grant root permission to apps.
-The brightness doesn't adjust (so the screen is a blazing hot white theme). Anyone have any luck with Substratum and Default Dark OSM?
-Random soft reboots, and have to turn-on mtp back after every boot. Also have to reset adb debugging sometimes because Windows 7 gets confused or something.

I flashed opengapps pico, which worked flawlessly. I think this ROM has a lot of potential.
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