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[TESTING BUILD] Evervolv 8.0

JIT wrote:
Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:40 pm
Did a full wipe and flashed the 2/6 ROM and
Gapps from here https://builds.nezorfla.me/opengapps/arm/
So far not seeing the not waking from sleep issue
Did what you said.

UI is pretty responsive ! No freeze after wakeup. Great ! ;)

I have a prob, don't know if it is because i had widevine on 7.1 but i have error with my local TV app which says : problem with app native librairies like sqlcipher_android.so and a lot of relative errors.. :/

[TESTING BUILD] Evervolv 8.0

Great to see development for 8.1.

I was last on 7.1 and one day noticed some new nightlies showing up. I did a full wipe and used Doublestuff's guide with 2/10 and with this GAPPS since the other links aren't working (https://sourceforge.net/projects/unoffi ... /20180210/) and the Touchpad boots into Android, but I can't get the Play store to connect. I'm going to keep trying with other GAPPS, but just wanted to mention the issue I'm having. I can at least still browse with the stock browser. Also, as other mentioned, WiFi takes a while to connect and the icon doesn't seem filled in like it's connected, even though it is.

[TESTING BUILD] Evervolv 8.0

I did a clean build of the Feb 6th version, but it wasn't waking after sleep. Flashed over it with the 13 Feb version and it doesn't seem any different. If I leave it more than about a minute after the screen goes off, it doesn't want to wake from sleep.

I'm eager to carry on with it, and grateful to those giving up their time to make these old devices continue on!!

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