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No fingerprint sensor available?

Hi this might just be me but, does this rom not support the fingerprint sensor at all?

I installed the latest stable release from the repo at https://download.dirtyunicorns.com/oneplus3/Official/ which at the time was DU_oneplus3_6.0.1_20160910-0256.v10.6-OFFICIAL.zip. However there seem to be no setting for the fingerprint sensor and also the sensor wouldn´t double as a home button at all forcing me to use the software buttons for navigation. The thread over at xda states the only known bug for the rom is that VoLTE is not working properly so is this just me beeing a blind fool?
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No fingerprint sensor available?

Using 3.2.4 Firmware (available as flashable zip on XDA) the latest 6.0 version of DU is highly stable and definetly "Daily Driver" material. As far as updates.. I'm a tester for DU 11 and it is days from a release (just a few more bugs to iron out) keep an eye out for it

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