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Recently, I began work on a series of scripts that would tidily and quickly complete various tedious processes involved in bootloader unlocking, backing up, flashing, etc. Currently, only one script is available, but as this post will detail, several more scripts are either planned or in the works.

The project is currently available on my GitHub. I'm fairly new to GitHub, so the project is not published under a specific license (please correct me if I'm wrong), but feel free to use the scripts as you please, as long as I (and any future collaborators) are notified and receive credit.

The only script currently available will backup your device, pull the backup to your computer, wipe your device, and installed a defined set of zips.

Other scripts currently planned/being worked on include a bootloader unlock script (limited to Nexus devices), and a set of configurable updater/downloader scripts.

As you look over the work, please keep in mind that I am, as mentioned, relatively new to the serious use of Github, and also inexperienced with Bash scripting. If you have tips, guidance, help, or would like to collaborate, please contact me via posting in this thread, sending me a PM, or emailing me at [email protected] (also available on my GitHub). Any support is appreciated!]

Eventually, this thread will contain guides for the appropriate use of all the scripts, but unfortunately, all the scripts are either non-functional, or not currently available.

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