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@oraixearl, do you plan to add viper4droid? I like it so much :lol:

And have you tested if the motion drivers are fine? Like shaking for lantern, for example. I'm asking this, because I'm playing pokemon go and the battery saver setting is not working. I know that it could be just the game, however I didn't find a way to test it, to see if it is my device. So I'm tryng to confirm if you can test to see if it is a general issue.

One more thing, since older builds, I can't use the internal microphone in a call when it is on speaker mode. It becomes mute. That is strange because I can send voice messages normally. Again, just want to confirm, as it is likely to be a issue that affects only my device.

Last thing (and is a thing that really makes me think that my device alone have a issue with the speakers) is that when recording, I can't record any sound, unless I have a headphone plugged in.

I'll do a nandroid and flash stock and other ROMs to see if the problem persists, but I really think it is my device problem :(
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