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RE: We're here

boswelja wrote:
kira wrote:
So she has something that eats cookies to guard her cookies? Seems legit.
What could possibly go wrong? XD
He's well trained :lol:

Tesla N [7.0.0_r19] Beta

Just got this rom up and running. I was going to mention that gallery was causing a soft reboot. Other than that, it's running great. Love the dark theme that's built in. Great work. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Devs Base mobile app powered by Tapatalk Thanks for the feedback, Google photos is workin...

Tesla N [7.0.0_r19] Beta

Yeah, afh is having mirror issues. Here's a drive link if anyone needs it. Be aware that the stock gallery Is causing reboots. Google photos seems to be fine as well as an old quick pic I've had stashed away so use another gallery if you flash this build.

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