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Re: Site problems?

ParadoXGodzillA wrote:
Zackptg5 wrote:
Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:40 am
That's what I initially thought too, however I already use a server in the same country as me for that reason
Perhaps the application goes through a protocool that the VPN doesn't really want you to use? Like TOR, etc.
It uses openvpn which is pretty common

Re: Site problems?

Can't really state why thats happening. We don't have any fancy blocking setup or any special firewall rules for blocking spam. More than likely because the app doesn't work in the IP Address it's been set up with. As you can see, when you create an application, you will need to use it in a certain...

Site problems?

I've recently paid for and begun using a vpn service that includes an app for android. The devs-base website works fine though my pc, but will give an error when attempting to use the android app whenever I have my vpn service active. Whenever I disable the vpn, the app works fine. When the vpn serv...

Re: RE: [OFFICIAL] Dirty Unicorns 11 -- Bullhead

Meandi wrote:
NYCHitman1 wrote: Nope, no forced encryption. Enjoy yourself some Unicornblood :)
currently running RR 5.8.0 and it happened twice after 2 weeks w/o issues, that Rom was forced encrypted after reboot and i couldn't access the phone any more.
Is DU11 prevent to not happen the same?
Du does not have force encrypt

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