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[RC] Dirty Unicorns 11 -- Angler

I am downloading "du_angler-v11.7.2-20171003-0232-OFFICIAL".
Nexus 6P, Zenwatch2,IPad2017
GalaxyS2,DellStreak5,GalaxyTab7+,GalaxyNexus,GalaxyNote2,GalaxyS4,Mega6.3,Z Ultra,Nexus5,HTC OneMax,GalaxyNote3,GalaxyNote4,S6Edge,OnePlus1,OnePlus2,Nexus6,LG G3,TabS 8.4,RedmiNote2,LenovoA2010,GalaxyTab3Lite,Note10.1 2014

[RC] Dirty Unicorns 11 -- Angler

Since we have two RC builds available for 12 why don't we have a thread for it?
The Good: Google Nexus 6P - 32GB - Black - Adopted Case - Dirty Unicorns - Franco Kernel
The Bad: Shitty mic since 7.x.x updates - Replaced battery myself because Google wasn't willing to support their device they willingly admitted that they broke

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