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Welcome to CodekidLabs

My first post on devs-base and this will serve as an off-topic and discussion thread for all my posts in this subforum or any vague and creepy feelings that you want to share for that matter. This page is created to come to know what you can expect from me and what not, so that we can avoid any misunderstanding or miscommunication that may occur in future.

Before I post my latest work [which will be in some time (30th October 2016)] I would like to introduce to some of my history.

Where it all started:

About 2 years ago I started/tried to create android apps [for fun]. This phase is called total noob phase and this is why:
  • took me 3 months to figure out how to debug an app properly
  • another 3 to fix errors of a note taking app and finish it
  • and another 3 to sit and scroll through all google sites to know stuffs
Since I was so bad at design (worse designer ever) I started learning more about how to design app and improve UX for the past one year and still learning.

What came out of it:
  • Bebop Music Player - Has some serious bugs which I'm fixing now


    Most unique design and concept is made into reality. Unlike any other music player this focuses on usability over features/customization, a music player that understands how users want to listen to music. This app is in BETA for a year and hope so all bugs are fixed before this year ends.

    Play Store - ... ebopplayer
  • Sparky Font Pack [Substratum]


    Donate version of expansion app below. Contains 30 premium fonts [scaled and space corrected] for substratum users which will look good on every device.

    Play Store - ... kyfontpack
  • Expansion [Substratum/CMTE]


    Provides fonts of their liking to users of substratum and cmte. Has around 50 fonts till now in total and all new wallpaper packs available for users using 238+ .

    Play Store - ... ansionpack
Where can you find me/my work:

Android Developer and Content Creator

YouTube Channel

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