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Why no kernel governors for Pixel XL?

I've tried asking this question on XDA but was ignored or attacked, depending on which thread I tried asking the question in. Google's default kernel governor for the Pixel XL is sched. Sched is very obviously Google's new version of the On Demand governor they used as the default in the Nexus devices. The frequencies are different because of the architecture of the Pixel chipset but sched appears to act exactly like an On Demand governor--when you do anything with the phone it maxes out the CPU even if it's completely unnecessary and you are only doing something light like reading emails or surfing the internet. When I pick up my phone the battery temperature jumps by 20F almost instantly.

On the Nexus phones you could flash a custom kernel and change the governor from On Demand to Interactive or something else less aggressive if you chose to, which scaled back Google's unnecessarily aggressive default kernel settings and allowed the phone to run cooler and the battery to last longer.

You cannot do that with the Pixel XL. With the exception of one poorly documented amateur kernel even if you flash a custom kernel you are expected to continue using Google's default sched governor. Even a well known kernel like ExKernel doesn't offer alternative governors to sched (or at least none that were actually compatible with the Pixel XL when I flashed it).

Why is this?

Some people claim that sched is so perfect and efficient that developers couldn't offer anything else that would actually be an improvement. But since sched appears to be an On Demand governor and it raises my battery temperature so much so quickly I don't see how it could possibly be efficient.

Am I missing something?

My question is twofold: is sched actually more efficient than the earlier generation On Demand governor? And even if it is, why don't kernel developers offer alternative governors like they did with previous Android phones?

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